The reality of student life right now...

On the 21st May 2020, we asked Goldsmiths students who follow our social media accounts to answer a series of questions via our Insta-stories. There were approximately 400 votes made per person and hundreds of comments over a 24 hour period. Here's a snapshot of what you all told us below: 


Returning student? Should the college do term 1 as online only?

YES - 25%

NO - 75%


Is online teaching going ok?

YES - 19%

NO - 81%

There were lot’s of reasons given for this, here are a few...

‘Waste of money’

‘I didn’t sign up to this’

‘I’m on a practical course’

‘I don’t have the right study space’


What should the SU be lobbying the university for on your behalf?

We received a high volume of responses, including the below:

‘To listen to the needs of each dept as not one size fits all’

‘For no online teaching’

‘Give students the option to defer if they don’t want to do the course online’


Are you satisfied with current university support/updates?

YES - 28%

NO - 72%


Are you confident about securing a graduate job?

YES - 8%

NO - 92%


Financially, you’re…

Doing ok - 46%

Really struggling - 54%


We're grateful to everyone who took the time to reply to our questions and offer their own insights, experiences and comments. We're now using this information to lobby the University on your behalf! 

If you have any additional comments or think there's something we should know, please email