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The motions submitted for the next Students’ Forum 22nd Jan 2020 are…

The next Students’ Forum is fast approaching and you can find the agenda for the upcoming Students’ Forum here. You can join us on Wednesday 22nd January 5pm- 7pm in RHB 309- all current Goldsmiths students are welcome to attend.

Motions Submitted

We have three motions (one carried over from last forum). The motions are as below.
1. Support for Reproductive Justice (Trigger warning: Abortion)
Proposer: Beth Lowe, Seconder: Lauren Corelli
2. Liberation room reform
Proposer: Nishat Shah, Seconder: Fiona
3. November motion: Establish a Functioning Complaints Procedure
Proposer: Nishat Seema, Seconder: Choo Chen Sim

If you disagree with all or part of the motion you can attend Students' Forum and speak or vote against it. Any student may propose an amendment and will be given time at the Students' Forum to outline why they believe it is necessary to make the amendment. The Union Chair will then take a vote from attendees at the Assembly to see if the amendment is accepted or not.

Emergency motions - how to submit

If you have missed this deadline your motion may be submitted as an Emergency Motion six hours prior to the start time of the meeting, and the Union Chair will decide whether or not the motion will be brought to the Forum. Emergency motions have to be genuinely urgent, not simply because you missed the deadline. In your submission of an emergency motion, you need to justify why it can’t simply be heard at the next Forum. To submit an emergency motion email using the same ‘Notes/Believes/Resolves’ as regular motions.

Online voting system

The day after each Students’ Forum we will open each motion to online voting. The voting will be open to anyone who is a student at Goldsmiths University and each motion will need a minimum of 100 students voting to be legitimate. The motions will be available for voting for seven days.
This Students’ Forum motion voting will be open online 11am 23rd January 2020 until 11am 30th January 2020.