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The government is failing to protect renters...

If you’re worried about rent atm then you’re not alone. The government is failing to protect renters and is putting us in danger. Fear of eviction and rent debt is forcing people to go out and work in unsafe conditions. We’re made to choose between paying rent or buying food and essentials. But together we’re powerful. And that’s why we support the London Renters Union Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay campaign… 

The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign is about supporting each other to stay safe and winning stronger protections for renters. They have 5 demands below: 


1. Suspend Rent

6 in 10 renters have lost income. The government must act to prevent a chaotic rent debt and eviction crisis. No rent should be due for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.


2. No Rent Debt

Rent is already completely unaffordable - we can’t afford to pay back missed payments on top. Rent arrears built up during the crisis should be written off.


3. Make The Eviction Ban Permanent

No one should be made homeless during the pandemic or in the aftermath. The government should ban all evictions for at least a year and go ahead with its promise to scrap Section 21 evictions permanently.


4. Introduce Rent Controls

Londoners spend up to 70% of their income on rent, leaving little left over for food and other essentials. Rent controls should be introduced so that no one has to spend more than a third of their income on rent.


5. No borders in housing

Racism and the hostile environment means people of colour and migrants are worst hit by the housing crisis and by Coronavirus. Migration status checks on renters should be abolished. Everyone should have access to public funds.


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