The anti-racism fight continues…

Here’s a ist of UK lawyers assisting Black Lives Matter cases pro bono

- An organisation supporting BLM movements and BAME people that one can donate to

Mind UK have several services to support Black young men with their mental health, as they are are far more likely than others to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems and are also far more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act

UK BLM go funding page

This is a video that students can watch to support black creatives AND donate money to BLM with no money. All the revenue from the adds goes to BLM and other BAME charities.

- This is an open letter students can send to their local MPs to ask for the UK to stop sending riot gear to the US, condemn Trump’s use of force, and take direct action towards existing systemic racism in Britain.

- Green and Black Cross - aid for several social justice struggles

- The Monitoring Group - they are anti-racist charity that promotes civil rights. People can report racial abuse to them and receive support.

- UK BAME represents the diverse collective interests of the UK’s Black and Minority Ethnic communities who expressed interest or require assistance in developing: Small Businesses , Community Groups, Family LifeStyle, Career Opportunities as well as advice for everyday living.