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Last week, the College confirmed that they have the full funding for the ASV (Against Sexual Violence) project available and ring-fenced - which is positive news. But although we've outlined our operational strategy, the College are yet to respond. There's no confirmed date for when the funds will be released and we have no clarification as to whether they will release full or partial funding.

Sexual violence doesn't stop during a pandemic and neither should our fight to stop it. We are eager to continue with our work but without the full funding, it's impossible to plan for the future. The disruption to the funding means a disruption to our work.

Here are 5 reasons why the College needs to release the full ASV funding now:

1.  So we can immediately roll out 'Consent Matters', an online sex ed & consent training for all students and staff for the Spring Term.

2, So we can develop an accessible, online, and covid-safe way to continue offering our free 'Active Bystander Training' workshops that teach students and staff how to intervene safely when they witness sexual violence.

3. So we can continue growing our community and support networks, like our new Ally Club and our daily survivor space coffee mornings that we ran throughout 16 Days.

4. So we can continuously adapt our services to best support students during life under lockdown through initiatives like our Digital Consent Awareness Campaign in partnership with Revenge Porn Helpline that seeks to raise awareness of intimate image abuse and signpost support for students who are being affected.

5. So we can plan for upcoming liberation months like LGBTQ+ History Month (February) and Women's History Month (March) and to continue offering survivor-centred and trauma-informed education and wellness events year-round.

All this work is carried out by our small ASV team of two (!) Students' Union staff members. Make no mistake, the College has stopped funding ASV for over a month now and we're currently funding this work out-of-pocket. If the College do not release the funding before the winter break, we will have no choice but to furlough the ASV team as of January and the ASV project as we know it may cease to exist.

Please help us pressure the College into releasing the full ASV funding immediately by tweeting the Warden (@FCorner), asking when the funding for the ASV project will be released, tagging us in your post with #TakeSurvivorsSeriously.

To read more about the Take Survivors Seriously campaign, click here. 

We appreciate your support!