Supporting the occupation of Deptford Town Hall - a message from your Officers...

'On Tuesday 12th March, a group of students staged a protest at Deptford Town Hall and subsequently occupied the building. They were protesting about the racism many students experience at Goldsmiths, both in the classroom and around the campus.


One such instance of this was during last week’s SU elections, during which, a BME candidate had their posters torn down and defiled with racist graffiti. This has no place on our campus. This coupled with no clear strategy from the College to tackle some of the issues BME students have repeatedly outlined have proved to be a catalyst for this action.


Subsequent to the protest, members of the full-time officer team have, alongside a student of the occupation, met with members of the senior management team to discuss the demands of the students. The focus of this was pushing the college to do better to support BME students on campus and actively fight racism on campus. This is an ongoing conversation - which the officers will ensure the voices of marginalised students are heard.


As an SU, we want to reflect on how we can play a better part in supporting students through this kind of abuse, particularly in our elections. We shall construct a better policy for dealing with such an event should it occur during our next election.


We will continue to pressure the college to ensure that processes to investigate racism on campus are swift and effective. Racism has no place in our university and the university’s structures should reflect this with speed and determination.


The officers will also continue to use our positions within various committees to ensure that the demands of those students who are protesting are heard and ensure the officers are on hand to support those protesting students throughout the occupation. "


Ultimately, we hope that the demands of the occupation are heard quickly resulting in the senior management team responding with well-thought out results on the processes, speed and resource revolving around battling racism and BME issues on campus.'