Students' Union Awards Winners Announced

The Students' Union Awards 2018 took place last week, celebrating every student who makes the SU what it is by getting involved in societies, sports team, volunteering, and academic representation.

Our glamorous ceremony at the Rivoli Ballroom saw guests dazzled by Troy the Magician (of Channel 4 and E4 fame) and Goldsmiths band Harry Baker, and 19 awards were handed out. You can find all of the pictures on Facebook, or read below for the winners:


Department Rep of the Year - Nathaniel Okenwa from Computing

"This Rep has undeniable passion for the role. He is much loved by his peers who know they can rely on him to champion the issues they feel strongly about. At the presentations last month he showed great energy and conviction in exploring the issues related to campus space."


Accessibility and Inclusion Rep of the Year - Jade Hall-Smith from Computing and Imogen Hector from Politics

"This isn’t an easy role. It often involves challenging stigma and misperception around disability and mental health. In this, the second year of the project, the A and I Reps have achieved great things. From co-hosting training alongside staff on mental health, to winning changes on Extenuating Circumstances and college policy. These two Reps have jointly won A and I Rep of the Year."


Annual Project Group of the Year - Student Parents

"Every year Reps produce reports on areas of the student experience, with a view to aligning Goldsmiths policy and priorities to that of students. This year’s winners did an amazing job at highlighting an issue not previously covered and shining a spotlight on a group that is too often overlooked."


Academic Community Event of the Year - ICCE Around the World event

"The idea behind the Academic Communities project is a simple one: we provide funding and resource for students to build friendships on their courses. The winners incorporated many factors into their planning. Coming from a very multicultural department, they wanted everyone to celebrate rather than hide that, ensuring everyone felt welcome, and to help people celebrate their background and experiences of art or music. They enjoyed an amazing high turnout and it was so good we hope it will be repeated."


Best New Society - Fashion Society

"The Society caught our attention immediately with their passion and drive to build a community which coexists with other societies across London. They grew quickly to become one of the biggest societies on campus, and created a space to socialise, network and acquire new skills and experiences."


Best New Team - Athletics Club

"The team has managed to establish connections with Kings and provide coaches and a track for all their different events. They have formed a close community within their club in a short space of time and from the beginning of the season started to see amazing results with gold and silver medals awarded in LUSL Athletics competitions, and a silver in BUCS Nationals."


Best Society Event of the Year - Our House the Musical by the Musical Theatre Society

"The Society went above and beyond to ensure that their event would be inclusive to all, involving students from a range of courses, levels of study and cultural backgrounds. They collaborated with the Psychology department to perform a flash mob of the infamous Baggy Trousers, got six Design students to create their set, collaborated with a group of music students to form a band, and worked closely with GoldReel to produce a DVD of the performance."


Justin Fashanu Award - Goldsmiths Women's Football

"This special award recognises a team who has gone above and beyond to represent Goldsmiths Students’ Union’s values of equality, diversity and progressive social change, both on and off the field, court or track. The team put on specific safe space training sessions to highlight some of the barriers that keep people from getting involved in sport, reached out into the community putting on exhibition games with Renaissance FC, who are part of the Fences and Frontiers project for young asylum seekers, as well as promoting women's and LGBTQ+ people's inclusion in sport."


Community Volunteering Award - Jo Kilner from Fareshare

"Jo is a valued and well-liked member of the team of volunteers at FareShare. She is very able, willing and has shown a great commitment to FareShare’s work, turning up every week to her booked shift to help them save food from going to waste. Her regular attendance guarantees that they are able to plan their work load and ultimately redistribute tonnes more food to vulnerable people across London. Jo’s dedication to the cause is commendable and she is part of a growing team which has helped to provide disadvantaged Londoners with 1,046,139 meals in the past year"


Player of the Year - Abigail Harrington from Netball

"This award went to someone who’s scored so many goals we wouldn’t be able to count. They have had a strong commitment to every game and training session so far, encouraging and helping struggling players to understand the game in full."


Player of the Year - Charles Fulford from the Mountaineering Club

"This award went to someone who has not only helped run trips this year, but also put themself forward to drive the minibus. They have an amazing ability to set up an anchor or discover a fun boulder route, plus heaps of enthusiasm for climbing outdoors that has made them a favourite in the team."


Student Media Personality of the Year - Hayley Wiltshire from Wired Radio

"The winner of this award has shown exceptional skill and dedication to the media group. They have been described as a real inspiration who has gone completely above and beyond to make Wired a very special group to be a part of. They have organised exciting women’s only panels and events at prestigious venues."


Committee Member of the Year - Elaine Xu from Visual Cultures Society

"They have truly gone above and beyond in providing excellent leadership to their society. They have acted in a professional and diplomatic way and have been an amazing problem solver - whether it’s during an event or when running the society. They have received amazing feedback from everything they’ve been a part of and the society couldn’t have run without them."


Captain of the Year - Imogen Holland from Lions Cheerleading

"The winner had a difficult year, with their team’s coach and President both leaving at the beginning of the year, but they keep the team together, devised and taught new routines, booked and entered National competitions and coached the team."


Society of the Year - Hacksmiths - Goldsmiths Tech Society

"This group have had a strong commitment to equality and diversity, and basically wrote the handbook on how to manage student events. They’ve come from humble beginnings, as a small Society last year, and have grown to be the largest society on campus with an impressive 353 members. Their excellence has even caught the attention of the national press, with a three-page spread in the Observer."


Sports Team of the Year - Hockey Team

"They have created a fun, competitive team where both new and experienced players have a chance to show their skills and excel. They worked hard all year beating the likes of Brunel and St Mary’s University to reach joint-second in their league. They put up a great performance at Varsity, losing by just two goals to a very strong Arts side, but as always showed great sportsmanship and poise."


Student Media Group of the Year - [smiths]

"Contributors to the group have written over 200 new and original pieces this year, for both their website and three print issues os [smiths], with a fourth due soon. Each issue has been unique, and the most recent has been themed in an effort to encourage our readers and writers to get out there and engage in the huge range of activities and societies available through the Goldsmiths community."


President's Award - Reuben Arthur

"The winner's commitment and dedication to sport has been incredible. Reuben has had an outstanding career in sport at Goldsmiths, winning gold in his first ever BUCS Nationals in 2017, and this year bagging silver at BUCS Nationals indoors, with a new personal best of 6.77 in the men's 60 metres. He's recently returned from Australia, where he became a Commonwealth gold medalist for England, running the opening leg of the 4 x 100 metre men's relay. But Reuben is not just an outstanding sportsman: he is a friendly, down to earth person and it has been a privilege to see him  grow and mature during his time at Goldsmiths."


President's Award - Joe Williams

"Whether it’s been their work in the Department Rep system, trying to improve the academic experience of students at Goldsmiths, their roles on the committees of a multitude of Societies from English and, Liberal, and Labour Societies, to Wired, [smiths], and The Leopard, or their role this year as Union Chair, Joe’s a man with his fingers in a lot of pies and a jack of all trades, and is a hugely deserving winner."