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Students' Forum: what happened?

First things first, a little reminder... what is Students’ Forum?

Students' Forum is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the SU and our work. Held regularly throughout the year, Students' Forum is attended by Full-Time and Part-Time Officers who give updates on their current projects, allowing students to monitor and hold to account the Officers that they elected. During the last Forum, held on Tuesday 25th May, we discussed the latest findings on the BME Awarding Gap with doctor James Ohene-Djan and SU Welfare and Lieration Officer ( and future SU President) Sara Bafo


You can find the minutes from this Students' Forum here. 

New online voting system

The day after each Students’ Forum we open any motions raised during that meeting to online voting. The voting is open to anyone who is a student at Goldsmiths University and each motion will need a minimum of 50 students voting to be legitimate. 

Motions debated

Motion: Motion against the adoption of the IHRA Working definition of Anti-Semitism. Submitted by Tor Ayrton (he/him) and Phoebe Sally Fisher (she/her). 

You can read the full motion here. 

This Students’ Forum motion voting will be open online on the 26th of May 2021 until 12.01pm 10th June 2021. To vote please visit this link.


You can also rewatch this Students' Forum meeting here.