Student-led Teaching Awards: The Winners!

Our Student-led Teaching Awards celebrate outstanding teaching and the staff members who make Goldsmiths what it is. These awards are so special because it’s up to you, the students, to nominate any university staff member, either academic or non-academic, for their fantastic work.

This year, nominations covered six categories, including inspiring teaching, use of research and non-academic staff going above and beyond for students - and the results are finally in!

Drum roll please, as the winners are…


CATEGORY ONE: For challenging or inspiring teaching

The winner is… Dr Akanksha Mehta (Media, Communications & Cultural Studies)

A student who nominated Akanksha said: ‘Through her engaging way of teaching, Dr Mehta really changed my time at Goldsmiths. Her lectures are personal, honest and critical. Sitting in a space like this with her teaching skills and knowledge is inspiring, challenging and touches you not only as an academic, but as a human being.’



CATEGORY TWO: For outstanding use of research in teaching

And the winner is… Dr Richard Crownshaw (English and Comparative Literature)

A student who nominated Rick said: ‘Rick's seminar-lectures have always been outstandingly engaging. The research and preparation Rick expects from his students is inspiring and he leads by example, always having fully prepped hand-outs and sources - both visual and verbal. What is particularly outstanding is the manner in which he applies his specialist fields to the modules in question. He really is a fantastic lecturer.’


CATEGORY THREE: For compelling or diverse curriculum content 

And the winner is… Miss Phoebe Patey-Ferguson (Theatre and Performance)

A student who nominated Phoebe said: ‘The Theatre and Performance department have made changes to their curriculum to be more inclusive and diverse. The Queer Theory Module in particular was recently re-written to include BME and Trans* Artists. Phoebe found several rare films and documentaries and made them available for free for us, screening at the Curzon. Phoebe even got us in contact with one of the performers we saw in a documentary. Phoebe’s a vibrant lecturer. I learned so much.’


SPECIAL NON-TEACHING CATEGORY FOUR: For non-academic or support staff member who has gone above and beyond

And the winner is… Miss Sheila Faucher (Library services)

A student who nominated Sheila said: ‘Sheila always go far and beyond the call of duty to ensure that students with disabilities enjoy their study experience at university. In addition to ensuring that I am familiar with the available software, Sheila, knowing my health issues, even got me blankets when she realised the heating wasn’t working properly. Sheila's ability to identify disabled students' needs and willingness to help at all times is worthy of recognition.’


CATEGORY FIVE: For outstanding use of technology in teaching

And the winner is… Dr Ariel Wirkierman (Institute of Management Studies)

A student who nominated Ariel said: ‘Ariel has been extremely engaging. For the module Applied Quantitative Economics, he prepared over 20 videos where he showed how to make calculations in Excel so we could go and review them after lectures. This was extremely helpful while doing the Applied Quantitative Economics project which was worth 100% of the grade.’


CATEGORY SIX: For outstanding contribution to helping foster communities

And the winner is… Professor Charlotte Scott (English and Comparative Literature)

A student who nominated Charlotte said: ‘Charlotte’s a senior tutor in the ECL department and for good reason. Her compassion and ability to reach out to students who struggle to make known they a're struggling is such a fantastic skill. This year, Charlotte introduced a peer mentor support scheme which is to be piloted (or something similar is to be piloted) by other departments as a result. She’s gone out of her way to email, on a personal basis, students that are struggling and arranged termly meet-ups for the mentors themselves to get support should they need it!’


Well done to all these worthy winners, who will be presented with their awards at the July graduation ceremonies, and thank you so much to all the students who took their time to nominate for such a fantastic cause.