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Student Voice Survey: have your say!

Have your say and win £400 cash!
Every year, we, the Students' Union, survey thousands of students, asking what you think on the issues that define your student experience. This year there are three focuses: Student Employment, Mental Health and the BME student experience. You can fill in the survey here. Upon completion, you will be able to enter into a prize draw of £400 cash.
This data will form the basis for reports written by the Departmental Reps, and include recommendations that will then shape future changes in the college.
This survey differs from others currently out there, including the National Student Survey the college is promoting, which doesn't originate from students, only asks final year students what they think and is severely limited in its purpose.
Last year's Student Voice report included a range of findings such as:
32% of students said their mental health had deteriorated since starting at Goldsmiths
30% of students had seriously considered dropping out
70% were happy or really happy with the teaching on their course
The reports were presented by students to staff in an on-campus workshop, and they've since led to improvements in the student withdrawal process, a new pilot of a student buddy system, and a brand new mental health strategy.
You can read past reports in full here.