Student Led Teaching Awards Winners Announced

We've whittled down over 150 nominations to four, and now we're announcing the winners of the 2018 Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTA).

The annual SLTAs celebrate the amazing staff that make Goldsmiths what it is. Over 150 students nominated College staff, both academic and non-academic, in four distinct categories, including for inspiring teaching, use of research, and non-academic staff who went above and beyond for students. All of the nominations were considered by a panel of students, and the winners will receive their awards at the July Graduation Ceremonies.

The winners of the 2018 awards are:


Challenging or Inspiring Teaching: Dr Carla Figueira from the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE)

The student who nominated them said:

"[Carla] incorporates a vast array of knowledge and experience from her own research and scholarship and shares it with us in engaging and provocative ways. She appeals to our varied interests and is constantly helping us individually make the academic and professional connections we need to succeed. She approaches a multi-disciplinary field with a huge amount of curiosity and engages a terrific variety of outside resources and specialists in her teaching. We thank Carla for being a passionate, dedicated and inspiring teacher."


Outstanding Use of Research in Teaching: Janna Graham from Visual Cultures

The student who nominated them said:

"[Janna's] students are happy, engaged, their work is littered all over their base room and together they have developed a number of public events, built a gorgeous table together for them to share and use, and built a support network that is enviable in the larger academic department.

"Janna also coordinates the Visual Cultures as Public Practice module, which enables students to go out in the Summer term and volunteer their time as part of their studies. She goes above and beyond, engaging students in critical and collaborative thought about what their involvement means for galleries and the university - her own practice with Ultra-Red and the Centre for Possible Studies proving this tenacity."


Compelling or Diverse Curriculum Content: Dr Deirdre Osborne from Theatre and Performance and Professor Joan Anim-Addo from English

The student who nominated them said:

"The MA in Black British Writing is exactly what it says on the tin. I cannot state any better the quality and experience in undertaking this MA. The very fact that this a new and unique Masters on this topic is in itself worthy of note and award – it is a world first. The MA importantly addresses and begins to further develop the black British canon that brings to the fore black writing, detailing its virtually hidden heritage in British culture, marking its historical presence and connecting with migratory, indigenous and global perspectives.

"This Goldsmiths MA in Black British Writing breaks new ground moving away from the comparatively light touch approach to black British writing in other institutions. Completing this MA prepares and empowers my ambitions to be in this growing and exciting field of study. This MA is critical to the building of a critical infrastructure that retrieves, assesses and articulates a fuller compass of inclusion that is vital for intellectual and public awareness. The cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach in teaching, studies and research provides a rich, challenging and stimulating environment and I am happy to nominate both this course and convenors Professor Joan Anim-Addo and Dr Deirdre Osborne, who bring the course vision to life and I feel proud to be part of the early beginning of this tremendous journey. This nomination is my humble thanks."


Non-Teaching or Support Staff Member Who Has Gone Above and Beyond: Corinna Talbot, Technical Advisor from Media

The student who nominated them said:

"Corinna has filled in for our course coordinator on MA TVJ all term, and has constantly answered questions and concerns about all of our modules, even if she isn’t teaching on them. She helped solved all our worries about our last assessment and had been incredibly patient with our class.

On a broader note, our MA would have fallen apart without Corinna, she makes sure we are taught the fundamentals and is excited to talk to us about more advanced questions too. Corinna shares her time and her exceptional skill set with us in so many ways, and with such good humour that she massively deserves and award, to recognise all the extra effort that goes in, to make sure students learn the most they can."