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Strike Assessment Scheme Deadline



The Strike Assessment Scheme deadline to claim the offer closes on October 24th. 

Update 7th Oct: CONFIRMATION JUST CAME IN TO US: A decision has been made to extend the deadline for claims under the Strike Assessment Scheme for 14 days beyond 10 October (the current deadline). This is to allow a final period for those eligible for awards to make claims. It will also give further opportunity for the College to contact those who are eligible but have not made claims to remind them of their eligibility.

The college designed the Strike Assessment Scheme by conducting an insubstantial Learning Impact Assessment to determine the loss of learning you experienced. The considerations in the Learning Impact Assessment were restrictively academic, including degree of disruption to scheduled teaching, re-provision of learning, and mitigations during strike action throughout the 2021/22 academic year. It details whether or not you are eligible for compensation and the amount they find you entitled to.

As the College failed to consult with students, in the last few weeks, we have collected testimonials and feedback from students through our own form and presented the data to members of College Senior Management. We have also consistently brought up the issue of the Strike Assessment Scheme in all the meetings we have had with them, only to be disregarded and receive no follow up as they hide behind the administrative delays and failures of their own doing. 

In addition to the cost of living crisis we are currently in, we understand many students may also be in precarious situations where the College's delays have affected your personal financial and wellbeing situation. Since the deadline closely approaches, you may be thinking of claiming the strike compensation offer, or submitting a complaint. Here are some action points and confirmations from the College, for your consideration. 


What has the College confirmed? 

Through email exchanges with members of the SMT, the College has accepted and confirmed the following: 

  • Students who complain and have their complaints dismissed by the College eventually, or are found ineligible to further compensation, will still be eligible for the original compensation amount they were assessed. 

  • Students who are found ineligible to compensation through the original strike assessment scheme will be allowed to complain through the industrial action complaints form, even without the reference number.

We are pushing for these to be officially updated in the public webpages, claim and complaints forms, and are willing to publicise our email exchanges as proof if this is not done imminently. 


What can you do? Both complain and claim! 

  1. Submit a complaint first: As the College will not be looking at complaints until after the deadline has passed, please submit an industrial action complaint via the form here. It is extremely important that as many individual students complain as possible, as it has the greatest impact on the structure. Submitting a complaint first will also ensure that you do not lose the original compensation amount later. In your complaint, remember to reflect the complete extent of impact to your student experience, including academic, wellbeing, financial, community and other impact. 

  2. Claim: Please consider your personal situation. You can still claim the compensation up to the deadline of 5pm on 10th October 2022. 

  3. If you were assessed as ineligible: If they have not removed the reference number section on the form before the deadline, indicate NIL, and somewhere in the form, write: It was confirmed to the SU that students who are found ineligible to compensation through the original strike assessment scheme will be allowed to complain through the industrial action complaints form, even without the reference number.

  4. More information is available in our original statement here


What if I need to claim, but I want to pursue further action? Will my complaint still be valid? Is it a full and final settlement? 

Although it states in the policy that it is a full and final settlement, all students are entitled to get their own individual complaint seen by the OIA should it be dismissed by the College. We are in contact with the OIA and are building a case to pursue further action. 

The fight is not over. We are still pushing for accountability from the College and will update all. 


Your Sabbatical Officers 2022-23