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Stop kicking the can down the road.

Image of dozens of letters, all of which read "Overdue" and are addressed to Frances Corner

Students deserve compensation for the disruption caused to their education by the College’s dispute with its staff.

That compensation should come via a scheme that’s timely and fit for purpose. 

For months, Goldsmiths SU has stood ready to give constructive feedback to the College on how such a scheme can be created and launched. 

After months of asking for updates, after the College missed its own deadline of late March, we were finally told that students were to expect an update today. 

That update? ‘We’ll get back to you on 24 June… maybe’.

Sending an update two months late, at the last minute before a bank holiday, is not acceptable and we will not stand for it. 

We want all students to know that we are upping the pressure on College’s senior leaders to give us answers on strike compensation, and we will not stop until we get an actual response that works for our members. 

College is going to close for the next couple of days, so we can’t even talk to them yet about the giant holes and flaws in their email today. 

Is that why they sent this statement at such an awkward time?


We will challenge the College on this for you, once the long weekend is over. 

Watch this space for updates.