Statement on Targeted Graffiti

We recognise that over the past few months there have been repeated incidents of targeted graffiti on campus, in line with the national rise in hate crime and culture of neo-fascism.

Hate towards minorities has seen itself manifest across campus, and has been removed and dealt with as appropriate.

The Goldsmiths community is a very diverse space that represents many student groups, but we must recognise that this hate crime is an issue even on our campus, and we must address it proactively.

There have been a number of incidents targeting Jewish students and LGBTQ+ students and we recognise that this must become a priority for us, and we must deal with it.

Over the next two months, we will be asking students for feedback about how we should best tackle this, and we ask you to come to us with any ideas you have. Please send your comments to

We have recently got the go-ahead to set up as a Hate Crime Reporting Centre, and will update students over time about how this will operate and the support we can offer.

Once we have compiled your feedback, along with that of our Liberation Officers and faith groups, we will be presenting to our students a comprehensive plan for tackling hate incidents on campus.

We thank you all for your patience in working together to tackle this culture of hatred on campus.