Spotlight on the Debating and Photography Societies

This term’s societies elections saw 73 societies elect their new committees, the members of which all campaigned with exciting new plans for the next academic year.

The ever-growing list of societies holding elections ranged from Arts Tutoring and the Composers Collective, to Contact Improvisation and Tabletop Gaming. Check out the full list of student-led societies and you might find one you want to get involved in.

We chatted to two of the newly elected presidents from the Photography Society and Debating Society to hear what the election process was like, what you can expect from the groups next year, and why you should consider joining in on the fun.


Melat Gebreselassie is a Computing student and incoming President of the Debating Society:

“Debating society is a place in which students can come and learn skills that will help them in their near future - such as public speaking, leadership and the ability to organise a structured and convincing argument. It is also a society where you can learn the ways in which you can express your ideas to people.

“We have many plans for the new year: one of our main events will be organising a TED talk. I have obtained an official TEDx license and in December there will be a TEDxGoldsmiths event. The event will consist of a variety of speakers, ranging from researchers to producers, and will include great sponsors too. This will be our event of the year.

“We’re also organising other amazing events, workshops, conferences and trips, and former President, Shreya, has been guiding me through implementing a lot of the ideas I have.

“We need more members for debating because we are planning on attending and organising debate competitions. Having more students taking part will increase the likelihood of winning, and provide a great opportunity. The Debating Society is open to everyone with all skills and of any studies.”

Find out more about the Debating Society on their webpage, and keep up to date by liking their Facebook group.


Roser Jorba Soler has been elected as the new Photography Society President, and is a second year Media and Communications student:

“I decided to run for President because I saw the opportunity to open up the society again. In my second year I didn’t feel confident enough to run for any position, and this year as I am going into my last year of university, I thought it was now or never.

“We have many new ideas for next term. We want to be running weekly workshops and talks, run by students who specialise in the subject or professionals who will be invited to share their experiences. We will be helping society members to create their own website and portfolio, learn to present their artwork in an exhibition, how to send invoices and contracts, how to build good connections, how to get paid, what is freelancing, and more.

“We also want to reach people who want to get into photography that have never done it before or want to learn more. We are thinking of putting together workshops on how to edit with different programs, how to use different cameras, and hopefully we can run a workshop on how to print in a dark room.

“We are also planning to have events and exhibitions. We want everyone to feel confident to bring their work to life by printing it, framing it and showing it to everyone. It is easy to take nice photos, but what it is difficult is to produce content, share a message and explore what you think you can't achieve. I think this society will be an amazing team of people who are capable of doing so much because we will be able to help each other, support each other and learn from each other.”

Students of any ability can get involved in the Society, whether you have tons experience or none at all. Learn more about the Photography Society on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. Society memberships will go on sale in September.