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Some cool book and podcast recs for you...

The Report and Support Survey, which you can fill in here is our way of finding out how you found (or what you know about) the University Report and Support tool. After you've filled that in, we thought it might be interesting for you meet some of the faces behind the campaign and hear what books and podcasts they're really rating at the moment... 

I’m Lou - an MA Radio student

I’m passionate about ending sexual assault, especially on uni campuses because we all have a right to education + sexual harassment/abuse should NOT interfere with that right!

My book recommendation - A Little Life

This book is so moving and encapsulates the trauma, joy, and enormity of love that all of us experience in our little lives. content warning: childhood sexual abuse. 

My listening recommendation - ‘No’ from The Heart

Kaitlyn Prest is an amazing audio producer and in this mini-season, she explores her own girlhood and the complications of boundary-making in intimate encounters


I’m Catriona - an MA student in Gender, Media and Cultural studies and one of our facilitators.

I’m a writer and the host of the @bbcsounds podcast 'After: Surviving sexual assault'. I love tea and mashed potatoes! Im also half Irish!

My book recommendation - I Choose Elena 

This is a beautifully written memoir on the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on a woman who used to be a gymnast. 

My listening recommendation - The What's Underneath Project

This YouTube and podcast series features people who are interviewed about deep parts of their life as they take off their clothes. It sounds odd, but is so beautiful and some incredible insights about bodies, love and health are made.


Hi, my name's Elizabeth! I'm a facilitator for the Against Sexual Violence Campaign and I've been working on how to reform the Report and Support procedure for students.

I wanted to shed some light on domestic abuse victims that may be isolating with abusive partners at this time. The National Abuse Helpline is still operating on 0808 2000 247 /

Refuge also have some safety tips for survivors and information for those that may feel they're in an abusive living situation: Please share and stay safe!


I’m Aarti, a Peer Facilitator for the Against Sexual Violence campaign.


















The reason I feel so passionately about this is because sexual violence is so prevalent and I feel very proud to take my part in making the community more survivor centred. 

My recommendation is an essay written by Heather Burtman read out by Cleopatra Coleman on the podcast Modern Love. This is about a woman that feels more and more dispossessed of her own physical body and who reflects on life before the male gaze.


Hi! I’m Cade - a Peer Facilitator for the Active Bystander Training at the SU.

I've been in this role for two years now and I just love it. It's impossible for me to pinpoint any one thing that I enjoy about my work  but getting to watch participants leave our workshops feeling empowered to tackle sexual harassment and violence on campus never fails to give me a buzz.  

My book recommendation - Lindy West's hilarious memoir 'Shrill - Notes from a loud woman' 

Late last year I read this book (which has recently been made into an equally funny TV series). West manages to combine humour and pathos as she shares her personal journey of empowerment, touching on body image, rape jokes and much more along the way. If you're looking to engage with the issues surrounding sexual violence and the culture that permits it then West's personal, warm, humours and bold voice is an amazing guide. 

Something to listen too - my brilliant co-facilitator Catriona’s amazing podcast 'After: Surviving Sexual Assault' 

For this recommendation I didn't need to look beyond my team. In this podcast Catriona talks to survivors of sexual assault and abuse, focusing not just on their past but also their present as she discusses their lives after. In a genius move each podcast is split into two halves, one half focusing on nature of the abuse with the other focusing on the what happened next - making it accessible for those who want to engage but don't want to hear specifics about sexual violence or abuse. In a media landscape that often turns conversations about survivors into conversations about 'what happened,’ by asking ‘what happened after' this podcast provides a much needed new narrative. It has been described as 'empowering', 'bold', 'innovative' and 'empathetic' and even that doesn't begin to do it justice. Basically - listen to it and listen to it NOW.