Who are the Sabbs?

If you’re about to start at Goldsmiths then you might have heard mention of the Sabbatical Officers (or SABBs as they’re also known), but chances are you won’t really know what their purpose is, or what they do, which is why we’re here to fill you in!

The Students’ Union is a democratic and charitable organisation, that works independently from the university, to represent and support students. Every year, four Full-Time Officers, AKA the Sabbatical Officers, are elected in to help steer the union as trustees and representatives in order to direct how the SU is organised – because we aim to be as democratic and student-led as we can be.

Here are our 2019/20 SABBs who you will no doubt see out and about during your time at university.... from left to right, we've got Mona, Lauren, Beth and Joe. 

From now, until the end of the academic year, these four individuals have been elected in (by current Goldsmiths students) to do everything they can to represent your interests. Check out their manifestos below to see what they each plan to work on this year…

Joe – President

Mona - Welfare & Liberation Officer

Beth - Activities and Campaigns Officer

Lauren - Education Officer