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SU response to the OfS consultation...

What is the consultation?

The OfS (Office of Students)  has opened a consultation which has a proposed 50% funding cut for performing arts; creative arts; media studies and archaeology subjects. These sorts of cuts especially impact universities like Goldsmiths whose main focus is arts subjects.

The OfS have been consulting on this during the last few days and the consultation closes today, Thursday 6th May.


Goldsmiths Students’ Unions Position

Goldsmith’s SU is OPPOSED to funding cuts to arts subjects – especially the dramatic 50% funding cuts that have been proposed. The arts subjects are valued and needed aspects of our society. Cutting funding in these subjects will have a detrimental effect on our way of life at Goldsmiths University. 

We also believe that the extremely quick turn around of this consultation (two days) has been a method to make opposition inaccessible for many students, staff and participants of the arts.


What can I do to show my opposition?

If you also agree with Goldsmiths’ SUs position- that a 50% cut in funding for the performing arts would be detrimental to prospective students, UK universities and the wider culture of our society- then respond to the consultation here. This must be completed today, Thursday 6th May 2021- the more people we show opposition to these cuts the more opportunity there is to stop them altogether.

The consultation takes approximately 30 mins to complete and if you’re unsure of how best to respond to some of the questions then this helpful question-by question Reponse to the OfS Consultation guide written by Pause or Pay UK is a brilliant resource to help. Even simply filling out the multiple choice questions with ‘strongly disagree’ to accounts of cuts to the arts funding will make a huge impact.


What next?

If you have taken the time to respond to the OfS consultation please let us know by answering this extremely quick survey (this helps us track how many people have opposed the consultation via Goldsmiths’ SU) and we can also send you information updates in future when we hear more from this consultation.