SABB farewell!

This week we bid farewell to two of our Sabbatical Officers - JT, our President, and Taylor, the Education Officer… and the whole SU team are going to miss them so much!

During their time with us, both JT and Taylor have made a huge impact on the lives of so many students, so we thought we’d flag up some of their achievements in one long, gushy post. Soz, guys!

Taylor, who has been Education Officer for two years, has proven herself to be a kick-ass SABB with tonnes of amazing wins for the SU under her belt. From developing student-led training, to decolonising the curriculum, to some cracking Alternative Careers Week events and her most recent involvement in the occupation of Deptford Town Hall… she’s fit a hell of a lot in.

As someone who came into the role wanting to change the world, there’s no doubt Taylor’s done a fantastic job at holding the institution to account. And while she’ll admit she’s silly and bubbly most of the time, she can also be serious and hard-faced in the committee room when she needs to be...

One of her funniest SABB memories was at the start of Welcome Week when, after a manic day of activities, all the Officers ordered a curry to the office. Unfortunately, Taylor ate it too quickly (in the words of JT: ‘she inhaled the curry and then sat on the floor for half an hour, moaning and groaning’.) By the sounds of things, the whole experience was pretty traumatic for all those involved!

On the subject of food, there might be a few more vegan sausage rolls left in New Cross from now on (we hear she has one daily… and has she told you she’s a vegan yet?!) But, as much as we know you’re all going to miss her, you can still catch her on the old insta. Rumour has it, she’s a pretty big deal… ??

And now it’s time to bid farewell to the legend that is JT, who was Campaigns and Activities Officer for a year before moving up into the role of SU President. His involvement with the SU started with playing rugby and helping with the radio show, before he got involved in student politics and campaigns. 

The ever-laidback JT has made so much progress as President, with perhaps his most notable work being the creation of social study space on the ground floor of the SU and his role in rebuilding the relationship between the college and the SU. He’s also recently been heavily involved in picking the new warden.

When asked what the best thing about being the SU President was, JT joked that he liked the fancy title (who wouldn’t?!) However, he did then add that it was having the opportunity to stop things happening within the college that he felt would have a negative impact on students, while promoting other projects that would improve their lives. 

Our super cool King of the SU has always been able to hold his own. With his first-class diplomacy skills, he can handle stressful situations with ease, which is such an admirable trait.

He may be handing the Presidential crown over to Joe, but JT won’t really be leaving (top tip: look for him in The Granby or various South London pool clubs) as he’s doing a masters at Goldsmiths next year. Make sure you say hello when you see him… but maybe don’t go to him with all your problems anymore!

So, in summing up (sob, sob), we just want to say, on behalf of the whole SU, how much we’ve loved having both JT and Taylor as part of the team. We’re excited to see them move onto their next chapter and want to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. Good luck!