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SABB Statement: Goldsmiths SU opposes SMT's Withdrawal of Fees Strike Student Activists

Image text reads "SABB Statement: Goldsmiths SU opposes SMT's Withdrawal of Fees Strike Student Acti

Goldsmiths senior management are withdrawing student activist 

Goldsmiths Student Union stands in solidarity with Goldsmiths Fees Strike

Goldsmiths senior management team (SMT) have withdrawn student activists who are part of the Fees Strike. This is a blatant intimidation tactic from the institution to disenfranchise student organising against the current harmful and exploitative financial decision-making that SMT have been pushing through, including the forced redundancies of student-facing staff and the irreversible damage it would have on student learning conditions. 

These consequences are an infringement on the freedom to protest and sets a dangerous precedent for Goldsmiths and it’s response to democratic action. Goldsmiths students have repeatedly shown themselves to be a politically engaged and justice oriented community. This spirit would not be trampled by an institution that does not recognise this virtue. 

Goldsmiths SMT and Council repeatedly justify their measures as a way of securing the future of Goldsmiths, however, no future is won by penalising those who fight for a fairer and transformative education system.

We call on senior management to reverse these punitive actions which jeopardise students' education as a matter of urgency and to meet in transparency and good faith with the students who are asking to negotiate as part of their strike.

We stand in solidarity with Goldsmiths fees strikers, Goldsmiths UCU and all members of Goldsmiths community affected by the harmful decisions made by SMT and Council.

More information on the Fees Strike @GoldFeesStike


Full solidarity and power,

Goldsmiths Students’ Union Sabbatical team