Rock the boat… and vote!

The SU Part Time Officer elections are officially open… and it’s time to use your voice and vote for who you think best represents your interests.  

Each year, we elect 19 Part Time Officers, plus two student trustees, to work alongside the Full-Time Officer team (that’s Joe, Mona, Lauren and Beth!) to ensure the student voice is listened to.

From now until 5pm on Thursday 24th October, you can vote (if you’re a current student) on who you’d like to represent you on a number of part time roles over a number of liberation, community and project groups.

We use preferential voting at Goldsmiths, meaning that you can make a number one choice, but after this you can also continue listing candidates and make a number two and three choice vote.

Find out who is elected at our Results Night in the SU Venue on Friday 25th October. 

Click here to vote.