Results Not As Expected? Appeals Advice

Results not as expected? Your opportunity to appeal begins from Monday 2nd July and during the next few weeks the SU Advice Service can support you if you want to contest your results.

If something has affected your performance and you have not achieved the mark you expected, you may be able to appeal. Research students can only appeal after receiving their Outcome Letter from the Student Centre.

What you need to know about appeals:

  • An appeal will not be considered if you are questioning ‘academic judgement’. This means that you can't just disagree with the mark that you've been awarded. Appeals can only be made for specific reasons - for example extenuating circumstances not known to the examiners, or if the College makes an administrative error. All of the grounds are laid out in the booklet below.
  • Appeals must be submitted within 21 days of your results being released.
  • If your appeal is late you will need to provide evidence that you were medically unable to engage with the appeal procedure within the 21 day timeframe.

Impact of the UCU Strike:

  • Students who raised concerns about how industrial action would affect their performance in assessments were directed towards the extenuating circumstances procedure. In line with the College's usual procedure, departments then took decisions based on the basis of the evidence that was provided to them.
  • There is a possibility that an appeal on this basis will be successful, but you would need to give what the College considers to be a ‘good reason’ why you didn’t raise the extenuating circumstance claim before the marks were published. An example of a reason that the College may accept is an illness that you didn’t realise you had at the time of the assessment. All such appeals are at the discretion of the College, and they may consider other reasons.


The Advice Service is offering same-day appointments throughout the July appeals season, from 9am. If you need an appointment you should call the SU Reception on 0207 717 2511 at 9am, as appointments are on a first come, first served basis.

All requests will then be triaged to see if a same day appointment is the best option for you. Appointments can be face to face, by telephone, or by Skype.


Our Academic Appeals guide will provide you with many of the answers you need:

You can download a copy here.