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Results Delays and Extenuating Circumstances: A Student Guide

Updates as of 26th September 2022

Students are curently experiencing two ongoing delays on part of the College: 

  • Delays with final results release, affecting undergraduates who were expecting to have their results back in July. 

  • Delays with the processing of extenuating circumstances (EC) applications, affecting students who have submitted an EC application that is being processed centrally. 

We know there are many members who are still being affected by these delays and are experiencing ongoing distress. To support members of the SU understand why these delays are occuring and what you can do to support your case and recieve and update on your results, we have gathered any information we have recieved in correspondance with the college into a single guided document.

As an SU we believe the College have failed in their duty of care to students.

In addition to distress, the delays and evasive communication from the College have and will cause many interconnected issues that directly affect students’ livelihood, from educational and career progression to financial and visa issues. It is unacceptable that, still, none of these come with absolute guarantees or concrete considerations for students’ wellbeing and circumstances.

Students are left hanging in the balance, and it is clear that the new school structure is not working. 

As an SU, we have been continually challenging the College and pushing for concrete progress. We will communicate information as soon as they come. 

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