Religious groups on campus

If you can’t make it to our Interfaith Milkshakes Welcome Week event, here’s a rundown of all the different religious student groups on campus you can get involved with…


Christian Union

Goldsmiths’ Christian Union is a group of Christians that meet together on Tuesday evenings during term time to spend time getting to know each other and explore what the Bible has to say about life and how we live. They also put on a variety of events to reach out to our university throughout the year Anyone is welcome, whether you're a believe, skeptic or looking into the Christian faith. 


Islamic Society

The Islamic Society is a charitable, religious, social and cultural society, representative of all Muslims within Goldsmiths. Their belief centres around the oneness of God, and the teachings of His final messenger, Muhammad peace be upon him. 

They're a non partisan group, who do not adhere to any sect or any understanding that deviate away from the original Islamic traditions. Their aims are primarily to cater for the needs of the Muslim students and to engage positively with the local community based on the principles of Islam.

The types of events the Islamic Society hold include Friday Prayers, Weekly Circles, Charity Week, Islamic Awareness Week, Annual Dinner, plus many more.



Jewish Students’ Community

The Goldsmiths Jewish Community exists to provide an inclusive and warm space for Jewish students on campus and provide education for non-Jewish students who have an interest.

The community hosts events according to the needs and wants of our members. This could range from communal meals, music nights, educational conversation and more. 


Kharis on Campus community 

Kharis on Campus translates as 'Grace on campus' it is a zealous and passionate Historical Christian society opened to all faiths and backgrounds.

Kharis on Campus is a space to learn about the gospel in an unconventional way. They aim to embed the Word of God into key people (revivalist) like William Tyndale an English scholar who risked his life to translate the bible from English to Latin. Kharis on Campus is like a Christian history seminary centre and discusses the works of revivalist and saints of old revisiting their works and how some were successful in spreading the gospel and how some failed. 

Membership to all religious communities is free. If you want to start a religious community on campus, get in touch with