Register to vote!

It’s official: the UK is having a General Election on the 12th December… in fact this will be the first December election since 1923. It’s super important then, that you take the time to register to vote and make sure your voice is heard.


And why is your vote so important? Well the student vote can influence the outcome of a number of parliamentary seats with a university population. In the 2017 General Election a well organised student vote saw Labour winning with a 20% swing. If it had been in the holiday, it might have remained a Conservative seat… so don’t leave it till the end of term and get caught out, be proactive now and register.  


Importantly, if you moved to the area for uni, you need to re-register to vote at your new address, so do it now here now or by the Tuesday 26th November deadline. UK students can choose to vote in their home constituency or in their term-time area. Find out where your vote could make the most difference with this tool here.



Still got some questions? We hope the below helps!


Q. How do I register to vote?

A. It’s really simple and takes just five minutes. Click here. You’ll need your National Insurance number and your passport.


Q. As a student – where do I register to vote?

A. You can register at both your home and term time addresses – but in a General Election it’s illegal to vote more than once. You might decide it’s better to vote in one location or the other, for tactical reasons, i.e. you live in a marginal seat at your home address but your uni address might be in a safe seat.


Q. When do I vote and how?

A. Voting will take place om Thursday 12th December, the day before term officially ends, so bear that in mind.  


Q. Wahh! I’m going to be way too busy that day…

A. Don’t fret. Why not apply for a postal vote? Read more here. You can also vote by proxy, which means someone else can vote on your behalf. You’ll need to apply for this at least six working days before (so before December 5th) by filling in this form. 


Q. Once I’m registered, what happens next?

A. Your polling card will turn up in the post to your registered address. On the back of it will be details of your nearest polling station. Either go there to vote in person or through the ways highlighted above.