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Performance Audit Report on the College Management

The College engaged in a ‘recovery programme’ to reportedly achieve long term stability and financial sustainability for the institution. This recovery programme’s financial-first direction meant a restructure of the institution. To date, the dissolution of the student centre and departmental administrative teams to create centralised structures have resulted in escalating issues to the student experience the College has committed itself to providing. The lack of accountability is stark. 

We therefore conduct and present this audit evaluating the College’s management operations and performance through student feedback. The Performance Audit Report provides insight into the reality of the student experience at Goldsmiths, University of London. We assess the current management status of the College, in terms of the overall performance and competence, against student feedback, set institutional mission and values, as well as governing policies. This Audit Report provides valuable information about the processes, policies and practices that have stood as a barrier to accessible student experience. 

This Performance Audit Report is the result of primary research conducted by Goldsmiths SU through different means: surveys, interviews, complaints and testimonies collected from students. 

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