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Part Time Officer elections...

When nominating yourself online, as well as completing a few questions so we know your basic contact details, you will also need to provide a short manifesto (600 words max) to persuade your fellow students to vote for you. Think of this short blurb as being your way of;

  • Telling everyone a little bit about yourself
  • Explaining your main motivations for running 
  • Outlining what you plan to do if you’re successful in being elected. 

You should also upload a photo and slogan alongside your manifesto. All of this should be completed before 12 midday on 26th October 2020

Writing a manifesto can sometimes seem daunting but once you get started you will find lots to share with people about why you want them to vote for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten things to remember when writing your manifesto.


1. Get inspired

Read other peoples manifestos online to get a feel for the writing style involved in persuading people to vote for you. 


2. Be proud to tell people who you are

People are going to want to vote for you when they hear what makes you individual, so let them know why they should give you their vote.


3. Identify your audience

All our roles look to support students across Goldsmiths University but the role you're running for may support a specific group of students - make sure you identify who they are and what they may need in an Officer.


4. Write in a clear and concise manner

Try to keep your audience engaged by making your manifesto easy to read. If it gets too complicated then people won’t want to continue reading.


5. Define and focus on your strengths.

Concentrate on your positives and what you can bring to the role - without criticising other candidates. 


6. Outline your key ideas and why they’re important to you

A lot of people might be able to point out the main things that need to be changed but to set yourself apart you may need to outline why these issues are important to you.


7. Include any relevant past experiences you have had

This will help people connect with you on a personal level and may make them more inclined to vote for you.


8. Make it passionate

Students will want to vote for candidates who they believe care about them and about making change across campus - be creative in showing your passion for change.


9. Outline a plan for change

It’s important to have a plan to go along with your ideas if you want to generate excitement around your candidacy. With a plan, students will have a stronger belief in your capabilities as an Officer.


10. Proofread your manifesto

It seems obvious but plan in time before the nomination deadline to read over your manifesto for spelling mistakes or repetition. Or even better, get a friend to read over it as sometimes we miss things when we re-read the same text over and over.


How do I nominate myself?

You can nominate yourself for a position in our Part-Time Officer elections until 12 midday on the 27th October 2020 by visiting the elections page of the Goldsmiths SU website or click the link below.