Part Time Officer Elections Q&A

Q. What are the benefits to being a Part-Time Officer?


As well as developing your communications and interpersonal skills, you’ll learn how to plan and run campaigns and improve the student experience – all whilst making friends, and making change for your peers and the wider Goldsmiths community.



Q. How long will I be in the role for and how much work will I be expected to do?


A. You’ll be in the position from the start of term until 14th June 2020. Ultimately, the time commitment varies according to how much you wish to commit – as an estimate it could be a couple of hours a week. It’s a voluntary role that you take alongside your studies and you will be supported by staff and Full-Time Officers to plan out the year.



Q. What’s the difference between a Part-Time Officer and a student trustee?


A. As a student trustee, your role is centred around trustee meetings that occur four times a year. You’ll ensure that the SU is legally compliant and acts in the interests of its members, including involvement in discussions about strategy and planning. Being a Part-Time Officer isn’t so much about meetings, but campaigning or representing students in a specific area.



Q. I’ve just started at Goldsmiths – can I go for it?


A. Sure! Any current student studying at Goldsmiths can nominate themselves to run in a Part-Time Officer position. Candidates must self-define as a member of the group they are running to represent.



Q. I’m a bit nervous about public speaking. Will this be an issue?


A. We’ll provide a packed programme of free support and training – including those on public speaking and communications – which will be useful whatever the results. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go, as you’ll gain plenty of experiences, friendships and skills along the way. If you’re still unsure, get in touch and talk to us!