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Part Time Officer Election Results!

Your votes have been counted and we can now announce the results of Goldsmiths 2020 Part-Time Officer Elections!


Between Wednesday 18th November and Wednesday 25th October, 551 votes across 22 Part-Time Officer positions were cast to select the student representatives of the year ahead. From the Full Time Officer team and all of the staff at Goldsmiths SU, thank you all for participating and engaging within the democracy of the Union and engaging your peers in the elections process. We are particularly pleased to have filled most of the positions in such a tumultuous year and busy time for everyone.

Results were announced on Wednesday 25th November after 5pm and were as follows...


Liberation Part-Time Officers

BME Students’ Officer - Uncontested (candidate dropped out)

Disabled Students’ Officer - Bella Aleksandrova

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer - Uncontested (candidate dropped out)

Trans and Non Binary Students’ Officer - Sam Chappell

Women's Officer - Kocoa Brown and Alexandra Murray-Reynolds (job share)


Community Part-Time Officers

Care leavers and estranged Students’ Officer - Uncontested 

International Students’ Officer - Roshani Shrestha

Mature Students’ Officer - Mioara Crenganis

Postgraduate Students’ Officer - Elizabeth Aird

Student Parents and Carers’ Officer - Cristian Benevides


Project Part-Time Officers

Campaigns Officer - Haille Sleeman

Ethical and Environmental Officer - Barbara Jones

Housing Officer - Luke Sullivan

Palestine Twinning Officer - Uncontested

Societies Officer - Luca Venerus

Sports Officer - Uncontested

Volunteering Officer - Gemma Hedge


Operational Part-Time Officers

Student Trustees - Saranyaa Goel, George Benson, Lina Cherafeddine & Tegan Easterbrook

Union Chair - Oscar Hadwin-Guardiola


There are five positions in these elections that have not been filled and we will be reopening these positions for students in the coming weeks.

BME Students’ Officer

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer

Care leavers and estranged Students’ Officer

Palestine Twinning Officer

Sports Officer


More information to follow - if you are interested in running for these positions please email and we will happily answer your questions and queries.