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PTO Election: Rule changes synopsis

Due to the ongoing pandemic this year's Part-Time Officer Autumn Elections will be conducted at all stages ONLINE. At no point will we organise any in person events, training or voting on campus related to the election. This is to ensure student safety during this time. 


So what’s different this year?

  • All nominations, training, campaigning and voting will happen online.
  • Although we still don’t expect nominees to spend any of their own money we have introduced a Part-Time Officers £5 ‘Just in case’ budget - since you can’t just pop into the office and ask us for materials we may have. This works on a reimbursement basis.
  • We will feature all nominees digital posters on our website and social media instead of the usual printing budget. The deadline for poster submission is Monday 2nd November.
  • We have a new Returning Officer (someone external to the elections process and the organisation who investigates any appeals made after an outcome of a complaint) named Christina Kennedy, Deputy Chief Executive at London Arts SU 


What are the key dates?

Nominations period: 6th - 27th Oct

Candidate training drop ins: 28th Oct - 3rd Nov

Voting period: 4th - 11th Nov

Results: 11th Nov

Officer induction training: 12th - 13th Nov


How do I nominate myself?

You can nominate yourself for a position in our Part-Time Officer elections NOW until 12 midday on the 27th October 2020 by visiting the elections page of the Goldsmiths SU website or click the link below. 



You can check out all the roles on there too. GOOD LUCK!