Our Guide to Degree Shows

The annual Goldsmiths degree shows, presented by graduating students and open to the public and College community, kicked off earlier this month with educational studies, computing, and performance shows.

We’ve put together this guide to all remaining degree shows, ranging from design to dance movement psychotherapy, with insight from the presenting students themselves.

Find out about all of the Degree Shows on the Goldsmiths website.


May 2018

Music: PureGold on 18th May; Popular Music from 30th May to 9th June.

Theatre and Performance: TAPOUT Festival from 17th May to 25th May in various locations, with 16 shows taking place across the fortnight.

English and Drama: BA English and Drama Scratch Nights on 31st May and 1st June.

Oli Bates, whose show will be on the first night of the English and Drama Scratch Nights, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, said:

"Our show is a showcase of the work that came out of our final drama module, which focused on a variety of dramaturgical styles of creating theatre.
"This scratch night is an opportunity for us as a group to have a public viewing of our work and get feedback from a live audience, which is invaluable for our development as theatre-makers. The shows cover a wide variety of styles and topics, so along with the free drinks it will be a very entertaining evening!"


June 2018

Music: OperaGold: Too Hot to Handel from 7th to 9th June in the Great Hall.

Design: BA Design from 7th June to 9th June.

Art: BA Fine Art and BA Fine Art and History of Art from 14th June to 18th June.

Media and Communications: BA Media and Communications, including journalism, photography, animation, film, radio, script and prose, from 14th June to 18th June.

Ellinna Horton, who will be showing sculptures and illustration at the Media and Communications Degree Show, said:

"These characters [sculptures] represent the elite members of society and are actually inspired by some of the visitors I see at work [Tate Modern].
"I’ve taken a kind of satirical approach to them: antagonising them and flipping the capitalist hierarchy we’re all familiar with today. The counterpart is a four piece series of comic strips, showing their interactions with their working class confidentes to highlight the societal differences between the bourgeois and the proletariat.
"Overall, I wanted to explore what would happen if the tables turned; if those that are the most powerful became the weakest and vice versa."

Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies (STaCS): MA Art Psychotherapy Exhibition: Holding Space from 14th June to 18th June; Dance Movement Psychotherapy on 19th June.


July 2018

Fine Art and Curating: MFA Fine Art and MFA Curating from 12th July to 16th June.