Open Meetings about Club Pulse Gym

Have you been affected by the news of Club Pulse Gym closing down?

We're holding two open meetings for students, staff and the local community after the university announced that Club Pulse Gym will close on the 31st March 2020. The University did not consult students, staff and the local community when imposing the closure of the gym; it’s no surprise this is not what we asked for!

You can drop into one of these meetings on Wednesday 19th February, where you'll be able to inform us of how you have been impacted by the impending closure and importantly, how we respond to the university’s closure of the gym. Both will be held in Margaret Macmillian Building, Room 220.

Meeting 1 will be held beween 1-  2pm.

Meeting 2 will be held between 5 - 6pm.

If you can’t make either of the meetings, please sign the petition to stop the closure here.

Why should you come? Since the closing of the sports hall to make more design studios, Club Pulse has been the only place on campus where students can exercise. For many students, staff and the local community: it is a safe, accessible environment and a gym on campus is vital for students wellbeing.

It’s important to note the closure is part of the University’s efforts to ‘save money’, and part of a top-down, institution-wide change labelled 'Evolving Goldsmiths': the biggest cuts to course, staff and University in the institution’s history.

Please check the SU and Goldsmiths University College Union - Unison joint responses to 'Evolving Goldsmiths' for more info. Additionally, to find out more about how the SU will be working with students and staff, please contact