Nominations open today for the Students’ Union Part-Time Officer elections

The SU is here to make students’ lives better at Goldsmiths. Each year, we elect 21 Part Time Officers, plus two student trustees, to work alongside the Full-Time Officer team (that’s Joe, Mona, Lauren and Beth!) to represent you and ensure the student voice is listened to.

If you think you'd be a great Part-Time Officer, why not stand for election? You'll gain valuable training and development.

The following positions are available:

- Volunteering Officer

- Union Chair

- Trans and Non-Binary Students’ Officer

- Student Trustee

- Student Parent and Carers’ Officer

- Societies Officer

- Postgraduate Students’ Officer

- Palestine Twinning Officer

- Mature Students’ Officer

- LGBTQ+ Officer

- International Students’ Officer

- Ethical and Environmental Officer

- Disabled Students’ Officer

- BME Students’ Officer

- Care Leavers and Estranged Students’ Officer

No experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference.

Nominations close on 11th October. For more info about all of the roles on offer, click here.