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Nominate yourself for a Part Time Officer role!

What are student elections?

Do you want to make a positive impact on university life at Goldsmiths? Are you a keen campaigner or activist? Do you have ideas to elevate your liberation group this academic year or would you like to be involved in the running of student democracy? If any of these get you shouting ‘YES’ then you should find out more about our upcoming SU elections.

At the start of every academic year we run elections for our Part-Time Officer roles which are made up of 22 volunteer positions aiming to make change within the university community. We also run Full-Time Officer elections in the Spring semester (February - March) for four full time, paid positions. You can read more about both of these elections here.


What roles can I run for?

In these October/November elections there are 22 positions which we have split into four categories. Only current Goldsmiths’ students can run and vote in our elections and you can only run for one position. Click below to view the job description packs for each Part-Time Officer group.

Liberation Part Time Officer JDs

Community Part Time Officer JDs

Project Part Time Officer JDs

Operational Part Time Officer JDs


How do I nominate myself?

You can nominate yourself for a position in our Part-Time Officer elections from 11am on Tuesday 6th October until 12 midday on the 10th November 2020 by visiting the elections page of the Goldsmiths SU website or click the link below. 


Once you have nominated yourself via this form please email your manifesto to before voting begins (by Monday 16th November). Think of this manifesto as a short blurb to tell everyone a little bit about yourself, your main motivations for running and what you would plan to do if you were successful in being elected. You should also send a photo and slogan alongside your manifesto.

For our liberation and community based positions we ask students to only nominate themselves for roles which they self-define into e.g. LGBTQ+ Officer candidates should self-define into the LGBTQ+ community, and equally Student Parents and Carers Officer should have experience of being a parent or carer. 


How will voting week work?

All aspects of this year's Autumn Part-Time Officer Elections across October and November will be online. There will be no time when we will ask candidates or voters to attend events or training in person. Student safety is paramount to us and we are working to make our democratic practises (Elections and Students’ Forums) accessible to all during the time of Covid-19.


Online training:

Between 11th and 17th November we will provide a number of online sessions to help support candidates through the election process. A number of these sessions will be voluntary and will aim to give candidates tips and ticks on running in elections. There will be one mandatory session called ‘Candidate Briefing’ which all candidates must attend as it will outline the elections rules. 


Poster submission:

As well as submitting your online manifesto you should also create a campaign poster to persuade the student body to vote for you. Normally candidates would submit this to the SU for free printing, but this year we will instead be uploading them onto our social media. The deadline for poster submission will be 12pm on Monday 16th November and we ask candidates to email their submissions to


Online voting:

All voting will take place online by logging onto the SU website elections page where you will be able to view the manifestos and vote. Only current students can vote in these elections and the website will only allow you to vote while election voting is open between 11am on the 18th November to 12 midday on the 25th November. For liberation and community based positions we ask that only students who self-identify into that specific group vote for their Officer representative. You may be asked on the online voting form to self-identify before these positions become available for your profile to vote. If you have any issues with this process please contact for support.

Don’t forget that all candidates can vote for themselves! You can read the full ‘Rules & Regulations’ of the elections here.


What comes next?

The results for this election will be released online on the evening of the 25th November 2020. All candidates will receive the results shortly before it’s made publicly available. The successful candidates will take up their roles as Part-TIme Officers from the day of the results announcement. 



On a normal year we usually run an in-person residential for the new Full-Time and Part-Time Officer team to plan for the year ahead. This year unfortunately it will be an online event and we will provide short online training with opportunities to set you up for your new position. You will then be asked to complete a short online workbook to demonstrate that you understand both the limits and responsibilities of being a Part-Time Officer. This will be an opportunity for everyone to network, upskill and plan for the year ahead.


Students’ Forum:

A key part being elected into a Part-Time Officer role is an obligation to attend Students’ Forum - this happens five times a year and is an opportunity for you to represent the student body by participating in discussion, holding the Full-Time Officers to account and raising or voting policy. 


Monthly meet ups:

You will be asked to attend monthly meetings with the rest of the Officer Team (involves additional training opportunities, networking and check-ins with other students). The first online event, after the initial training, will be Thursday 10th December. 


If you are interested in campaigns and democracy at Goldsmiths University why not sign up to our monthly newsletter here to receive monthly updates on new opportunities, resources and news about what's happening on campus, in the local community and in the wider world and resources on how to get involved.