Nominations have closed - now meet the candidates...

Goldsmiths Students’ Union is a democratic organisation - run for students, by students. Every year, students have the opportunity to vote for who will lead the SU for the year ahead. Four full-time officers represent students to the College and wider community, campaigning on issues to make your time at Goldsmiths the best it can be.


Nominations for the elections have now closed. Campaigning and voiting begins on Monday 4 March. Here are the candidates who will be asking you to vote for them



The Students’ Union President is the main representative of the student body. The candidates standing to be your next President are:


Joe Leam


Hannah Lindstedt

Campaigns & Activities Officer

The Campaigns and Activities Officer leads the SU’s campaigning work and works closely with clubs, societies and student media. The candidates standing to be your next Campaigns and Activities Officer are:


Beth Lowe

Omar Yasser Hashem

Bob Munton

Louise Warberg

Education Officer

The Education Officer leads on making your academic experience the best it can be. They work closely with department representatives to improve your learning experiences. The candidates standing to be your next Education Officer are:


Delphine Bueche

Lauren Corelli

Hamna Imran

Natasha Rowan


Welfare & Liberation Officer

The Welfare and Liberation Officer leads on the SU’s wellbeing work and supports part-time liberation officers in their campaigns. The candidates standing to be your next Welfare and Liberation Officer are:


Jess Hazzard

Mona Mounir

Cheyenne Trott


Part Time Roles

Full-time officers are supported by part-time officers. In this election, we’re also electing a Union Chair, Student Trustees and NUS delegates.

The Union Chair leads Student Assembly meeting and sits on College Council, the highest decision-making body in the University. The candidates standing to be your next Union Chair are:


Kierin Offlands


Student Trustees sit on the SU’s trustee board and ensure that the Union is led in the interests of students and is legally compliant. The candidates standing to be your next Student Trustee are:


Hamza Taouzzale

Saif Ul Abideen


NUS Delegates

NUS delegates are the students who attend the National Conference of the National Union of Students to represent Goldsmiths students. The candidates standing to be your NUS delegates are:


Sadia Ahmed

Joe Leam

Fiona Sim

Hamza Taouzzale


Voting will open on Monday 4th March at 10am and you can vote online at and at polling stations across campus.