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New Cross to Peckham Rye walking tour: 1hr walk

New Cross to Peckham Rye walking tour: 1hr walk

New students! We know that many of you will be self-isolating or unable to visit campus as you're not yet in the UK.

Fortunately, Alfred from our SU Welcome Desk has been out and about filming a series of virtual walking tours to give you a feel for the local area and places you might want to visit nearby.

First up, New Cross to Peckham Rye. Below the video we have text and a map of the route Alfred took.... 


This walk is mostly for wanderers who want to explore the local area and uncover its origins as a 19th century expanding suburb. It will also give you the chance to visit one of the nicest 19th century cemeteries in London as well as the surviving green spaces of Peckham Rye, where William Blake would often wander to have visions of angels as a teenager. Did he accept a stranger’s cigarette without knowing its actual contents? We’ll never know.

Once at Peckham Rye, you will also have the chance to explore Peckham High Street, which is full of restaurants, cafes and bars as well as a lively multicultural community. 

The walk starts at New Cross station. Once in front of the station, cross the road and head all the way up to Jerningham Road. This is a classic Victorian London street with a gorgeous, red bricked former public school. On the top you’ll see St Catherine church. Once in front of it, turn right past the Hill Station Cafe (which is super cute) and go inside Telegraph Hill Upper Park. 

This is a great spot for picnics as it has an amazing view of London. Once you’ve taken in the vista, cross the park and go straight ahead through the so-called creepy bridge (it’s actually not creepy at all and has a rainbow painted alongside it!) Once through it, go right alongside St Asaph Road and past Hatcham College’s sports ground. This was usually where many SU sports teams would go for their training before Corona came to kick us all in the loins.

Then go along the second exit on the left of the mini roundabout (linden grove). You’ll get to the main entrance of Nunhead Cemetery, a 19th century gothic gem where you can dress in black, read Mary Shelley, and listen to Wuthering Heights amongst old epitaphs and stone abbeys. If you want to know about its history, please check the following link!

Please bear in mind that sometimes there will be funerals going on and you may not be able to go through it. This happened to us during our walk as well and Tia, who is the most gothic of greyhounds, was really unimpressed.

In that case just walk alongside it to the opposite side of it until you get to Limesford Road. Once there go to your right past the Ivy House (a really nice pub) and once you cross the road you’ll get to lovely Peckham Rye! 

The park itself has a skate park, a gorgeous pond, lots of green space to play some socially distanced football (as we sometimes do) and plenty of quiet flower gardens. You can also have a vegan sausage roll at the cafe (Woody eventually stole half of mine, so keep an eye out for cheeky dogs).

The sights are heavenly, but, unlike our friend Blake, you may not see any angels. If you do though, please tell us all about it! 

Map of the route taken