New Campus Study Spaces

Exam season is fast approaching us, and we all have first hand experience of taking that third lap around the Library looking for somewhere to study.

Everyone knows just how stressful it can be when the campus gets this busy, so we've been working with Estates and Library Services to try and provide some short term solutions for this year.

We are delighted to announce that the College has agreed to make the following rooms available for study and revision through the whole summer term, until 16th June: Richard Hoggart Building 255, 258, 304a, 308, 325, 355 and rooms 12 and 13 in the Media Research Building.

As long as it says 'Study Space' on the paper timetable next to the door it'll be yours to use (unless there is a timetabled class because we couldn't move all of the classes). We are also really pleased the Library has been able to move things around to create an additional 40 study spaces for the next few months.

Over the next few weeks we'll be planning even more practical and fun support and stress relief for the exam season, so stay alert for more news coming your way!