Meet Your Officers: Tara Mariwany

You may recognise Tara, as this is her second year as your Welfare and Diversity Officer! Before that she studied Politics at Goldsmiths and was involved in a variety of societies and campaigns too.


Can you tell us more about the societies and campaigns you were involved with during your studies?

In my second and third year I was one of the Palestine Twinning Officers and also the President of the Palestine Society, and was involved in the 'Why Is My Curriculum White?' and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.  

What were your biggest achievements working as Welfare & Diversity Officer last year?

I think my biggest achievements would be securing a Liberation room in the SU, and creating the upcoming sports hardship fund. The fund will be available for students who don't have the financial means to join a sports club, which can be up to £70 for membership.

Continuous pressure also meant that the University put an extra 50k into the hardship fund, and is bringing in an extra counsellor into the University's Wellbeing team.

Finally, I'm proud to have worked with students and staff to put together the Sexual Harassment Week, and laying the foundations to enable the Goldsmiths community to tackle the culture of misogyny and harassment/violence.

And what are the key points from your manifesto or your goals for this year?

A key point is that I'm hoping to work a lot more closely with local community groups this year - whether that's through showcasing local talents in our spaces, encouraging students to get involved in organisations, or engaging in more conversations about gentrification and the impacts students are making on the local area.

Another priority would be to strengthen liberation networks (LGBTQ+, Women, Disabled, BME) by making them a lot more visible to students to foster communities that support each other in different ways.

Finally, I have lots and lots of ideas for the Liberate My Degree campaign, one that I'll be closely working on with Education Officer, Taylor!

What do you think your Officer title means and what is important about the role?

This role to me is about firstly making sure students have access to the necessary services that they may need, whether that's on mental health, sexual health, or just general well-being. It's about holding the University to account, but also ensuring that the Union is a space where students feel comfortable bringing up issues about us or the University.

The second part of the role is about facilitating spaces for different groups on our campus to support each other - and that's mainly through embedding liberation into everything that we do at the Union.

What advice do you have for new students starting at Goldsmiths this year?

It's not gonna be a surprise but: get involved in a society and/or sports club. Doesn't matter which, just get involved! You'll meet so many great people, ones that share your interests, and ones that you'll keep for life (you'll actually never get rid of them)!  


Got any questions or just want to say hi? Get in touch with Tara by visiting her profile.  


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