Meet Your New Officers: Eva Crossan Jory

Eva is your newly elected Union President. Last year she worked in the Officer team as your Campaigns & Activities Officer and before that she studied a degree in Fine Art & Art History.


Before getting elected as an Officer for the first time last year, how were you involved with the SU?

I was involved in the Visual Cultures Society and was President for the society in my third year. I also worked alongside the housing officers on the Rent Strike Campaign and I used to work at the SU bar, shop and on the welcome desk :)

What was your biggest achievement as Campaigns and Activities Officer last year?

I think my biggest achievement last year was working with students in halls to win £650,000 back from the university as part of the rent strike. This meant all students in Surrey House and Raymont got around £2000 each off their rent!

And for this year, what are the key points from your manifesto? And your goals?

I'm currently working on bringing housing advice to the SU so students have someone to talk to about all their housing issues, their rights as tenants as well as someone to help read over contracts.

I’m also working on addressing the mental health crisis at Goldsmiths, fighting the stigma attached to talking about mental health and encouraging an investigation into root causes rather than just trying to cover over student's mental health issues. I think it’s very important that people don't conflate counselling and wellbeing because they are two very different things and what might work for one student won't necessarily work for others.

All in all, I want to make sure the SU is more accessible and ensure that every student feels welcome here! I'm really excited to relaunch the This Girl Can campaign with our new Campaigns and Activities Officer, JT and shine the spotlight on all our amazing women and non binary siblings who achieve such amazing things in our sports teams all year round!

What do you think your Officer title means and what is important about the role?

The President of the SU is the main point of contact between the University and the Students’ Union. This means a lot of my time will be spent making sure students are heard by the senior management team at the University and that there is student representation on committees and in working groups.

I will also be working on the democracy of our SU as well as holding the University to account on being more democratic. Another part of my role will include helping the other Officers and Part Time Officers achieve their goals, working with them on their campaigns as and when.

What advice do you have for new students starting at Goldsmiths this year?

Get involved with the SU! Whether it’s applying for part time jobs, becoming a Departmental Student Coordinator or joining a sports team or society, it’s the best way to meet new people! Being involved in activities and working at the Union definitely helped me feel more a part of the community,  especially because I didn't live in halls or near campus!


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