Meet Your Officers: Taylor McGraa

Say hi to your new Education Officer, Taylor!


What did you study at Goldsmiths?

I studied BA Media and English. I actually did one year studying English single honors, before I began to miss having a creative practice, and then moved to the joint honors.

Were you involved in any teams or societies during your studies?

Yes! From my first year I was involved with [smiths] Magazine, the official magazine of Goldsmiths. I was the senior editor, sub-editor and art director for the issues over my four years here - an experience which has constantly fed into my internships and professional working life.

I loved going to English Society open mic nights to perform poetry, and impressed myself by playing rugby for about three weeks.

What are the key points from your manifesto? And your goals for this year?

My manifesto is all about addressing education as a community, not a commodity. I want to foster a campus where students and staff work in partnership to shape better education for all bodies. Together, we are stronger in working towards national campaigns like Liberate My Degree, and Free Education.

As the first person in my family to go to university, I'm also focused on putting services in place for underrepresented students. From their first day on campus to their later years, I want support to be available - from academic skills advice, to employment and career workshops that link directly to their extra curricular activity.

My manifesto also promises to continue opposing the dangerous Teaching for Excellence framework - something which I will keep at the heart of my arguments this year.

What do you think your Officer title means and what is important about the role?

For me, my title as Education Officer means standing as a representative for the student body. That's not to say that my opinions and beliefs represent the entire student body, but that I will listen to what Goldsmiths’ students want, and feed that directly back into my meetings with university management, and into the campaigns that I run this year.

This title also means holding bureaucratic, white-washed, exclusionary forms of education to account at every moment, using my precious time and resources in the Union to make Goldsmiths live up to its name of being a progressive campus space.

What advice do you have for new students starting at Goldsmiths this year?

Join a society! Get involved with activities! It sounds simple, but being part of a sports team or society of your interest have been shown to massively improve a student’s university experience. Not only do you make friends outside of your course, but extra-curricular activity has been proven to up your employability by a considerable amount. You'll develop confidence, transferable skills, and make contacts with other students that you'll no doubt use in the future.


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