Make sure you are registered to vote

Boris aghast Boris aghast

Goldsmiths Students’ Union President, Joe Leam, has today called on all eligible Goldsmiths students to register to vote.

'With so much talk in the media of an imminent snap election and so much at stake at the moment, it is imperative that students act quickly and early to get on the electoral register. Failing to do so may mean you don’t get a chance to cast your vote and politicians have an excuse to ignore our views.

It's important to remember that in a General Election, it's not just UK students who are able to vote - students from Ireland or qualifying Commonwealth or qualifying EU citizens are able to vote. Visit Your Vote Matters for more info.

You can register to vote online and it takes five minutes. All you need is your national insurance number. Visit here to register to vote

Even if you’ve registered recently, don’t assume you’re still on the register! Check and re-register if needed.

If you live in two places in the UK, you can be registered at both your home and term-time address Voting twice is illegal though and you may get chucked a huge fine if you do!

Please send this message to all of your contacts, especially students and private renters who are least likely to be registered. Make sure you reach out to not only your ~political~ friends but half-remembered mates from uni and other liaisions, etc. Every vote matters.'