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#MahsaAmini: Solidarity with Iranian Women


What's happening in Iran?

Mahsa Amini (Jhina Amini), a 22 year old Kurdish woman, was brutally murdered by the morality police in Tehran because her hijab was deemed inappropriate. Women in Iran have been beaten up, imprisoned, and fined on a daily basis because of resisting the law of compulsory hijab over the past 40 years.

After Mahsa's death, Iranian women took to the streets of Kurdistan and Tehran to protest the murder of Mahsa. They took off their headscarves and chanted "woman, life, freedom." Soon, protests spread to other cities of Iran. Over the past few days, there have been widespread protests in almost every city in Iran, with thousands of people protesting the regime and asking for an end to compulsory hijab law. Many of them were arrested and killed by state police.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has now shut down access to the internet in most cities of Iran and is directly shooting at protesters. Many have been murdered, including children and teenagers. We don't know the numbers yet. Last time they shut down the internet during the 2019 protests, they murdered thousands of people. 

What can you do?

1. There are currently protests happening in London in solidarity with protesters in Iran. The first upcoming one is on Saturday, 24th September, 3 pm at Trafalgar square. Show up and support the protests.



2. Write to your MPs. Ask them what actions they're taking to address the dreadful circumstances in Iran and press them to speak up on the matter. Click here for an email template.

3. Amplify Iranian voices on your social media accounts. Do not let the voices of those protesting in Iran right now die because they do not have access to the Internet. Share the news however you can and use hashtags such as #MahsaAmini and #IranProtests. 

4. Write to your tutors and other academics. Ask them to read and sign this letter: 


Goldsmiths SU stands in solidarity with the women of Iran. We join the call for transnational solidarity against brutal state-sponsored violence targeting women* and other marginalised people in Iran.