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Lockdown health and wellbeing support

Alfred from the SU Welcome Desk offers some tips and advice for looking after your wellbeing and mental health at this time… 


With another lockdown now in place, and the days already growing colder and shorter, it’s inevitable that many of you will find your mental health is affected. Taking care of yourself is important. And it is valid to seek help when we are suffering with mental illness so please do not be afraid to reach out to all these services.

A personal suggestion, as someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, is to not blame yourself for how you are feeling. I also know very well that mental health is related to living conditions, which a counselor will not be able to change for you. But I want you to know that all these crazy times we are going through will not last forever. And that it is possible for you and your situation to get better. The fact you are here, and that you are also studying, is already amazing!

Do not lose hope, and try not to be sucked into all the negative news in the media. The world has always faced struggles, but it has always fought to get better. Perhaps switch off from mainstream media a little and focus on the good things still happening in this world. This website for instance has a list of media outlets that focus on positive news around the world.

One thing that has often helped me whenever I feel especially down, is reading or watching positive animations online. It’s good for your brain to immerse itself in imagination and leave the real word behind for a bit. So grab a cup of cocoa and tea and if you feel like it, and watch one of these shows/films below. They will cheer you up and help you to be more mindful! Most of them can be found on Netflix or free online on Kisscartoon.

- Over the Garden Wall

- Hilda

- Steven Universe

- Adventure Time

- The Midnight Gospel

- Klaus

- Tuca and Bertie

- Rialkkuma and Kaoru

- Ponyo

- My neighbour Totoro

- Spirited Away 

- Kiki’s Delivery Service

- The cat return 

- Arietty 

- Pom Poko

- Over the moon

Another good idea would be to watch as many David Attenborough documentaries as your heart desires. After all, now is the best time to do it!

Get outside as much as you can

And if you need some fresh hair (I admit now it is even a bit too fresh) then why don’t you try and do one of the walks we filmed this september? They are all nearby New Cross! 

- New Cross to Peckham Rye

- Deptford to Greenwich

- Crystal Palace and Crystal Palace Park 

These walks may be especially useful for those students who are new to Goldsmiths and away from family. Or for those students stuck at home in a toxic environment.


Charities and resources

Of course, if you live with family or in private accommodation and you do not feel safe you still have the right to leave and find a safe space to stay. Here are some charities and resources that could support you during this difficult time: 

- Sanctuary Suppoted Living 

- Rethink Mental lllness 


- Shelter 


University services and halls

If you're in halls and want to move out from your room because you do not feel safe, you can get in touch with accommodation to request another room or to seek further support. All you have to do is follow this link to find out more.

Please do also consider getting in touch with the university Wellbeing Service for free counseling and mental health support. You can book an appointment via this link. For grave emergencies, the University has also compiled a list of key services inside and outside the University for students.


Additional resources and support

If you prefer seeking mental health support elsewhere, here are some other resources you may want to have a look at. All these services are very informative and free to use.

- Young Minds

- NHS Support

- Rethink

- Mind

?- Time to Change

- Samaritans

- CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) 

- Headspace

- Meditation Apps