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Let's get moving!

Fed up of going on that same, very boring, walk or run around the block everyday? Us too! Fortunately, there are tonnes of at-home workout and exercise apps and videos that you can take advantage of at the moment. Better still, loads of gyms that you’d normally need a costly membership for are offering FREE online classes. Here are our top class and app recommendations… so go and expend some energy by keeping healthy, active and sane! 

For the… fitness novice  

Joe Wicks 

Joe’s a bit of a marmite character, but love him or loathe him, millions of people around the world have taken part in his sweaty HIIT sessions. And he’s giving kids free PE lessons at the moment… come on… what’s not to love? You can follow him on his YouTube channel where he has a ‘7 Day Sweat’ for you to do at any time. Or follow his Instagram for live workouts. No matter your level, there’s something for everyone. 

For the… best all round workout 


Fiit brings some of the UK’s top trainers to your home. There are 500+ classes, covering cardio, strength and flexibility which are 10, 25 and 40 minutes in length. You don’t need equipment, but if you have some, great, as there are specific sessions with dumbbells and resistance bands, for example. They’re currently offering a 14-day free trial - and you can join a Facebook community group. If you sign up for premium membership (about a tenner a month) you get a chest-based tracker to log your heart rate, access to some awesome training plans and live sessions. 


For the… tennis super fan

Venus Williams Instagram live 

The four-time Olympic gold medalist Venus Williams is currently sharing daily 5-minute workouts via her Insta Live. She’s showcasing a new workout move every day and demonstrating how to properly execute the exercise within the comfort of your own home. So you’ll be a tennis pro in no time, we promise. Or not! Alongside the short vids, she’s also giving tips for how to stay strong, mentally and physically, while you’re at home. 


For the… hardcore gym-goer 

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s VERY expensive classes are legendary (David Beckham is a member) but now this uber-swish gym are offering live daily sessions via their Instagram. You might think the free 20-minute workouts sound easy enough (you can’t pass out in 20 mins, right?) but you’d be wrong. They’re tough. Really tough. And some of the sessions are streamed from the other side of the world - so you can pretend you’re in LA instead of Peckham. Anyway, give them a shot and see if you can give Becks a run for your money? 


For the… yoga fan 

Deepika Mehta 

People often stereotype yoga as a gentle, relaxing stretch routine rather than hardcore exercise. These people have never tried ashtanga, the original power yoga. It’s a highly energetic fast-moving practice that tones every muscle in the body. There are plenty of free guided sessions on YouTube to check out - try Deepika Mehta’s hour long Ashtanga Half Primary to feel the burn. 

For the… dancing Queen 

Seen On Screen 

Learn how to shake your booty like Beyonce… with nobody watching! Seen On Screen, a UK company with a focus on empowerment, will have you feeling fit and sassy in no time. Dancers of all levels (phew) can learn different routines at home by following live streamed tutorials via their Instagram Live and Zoom. You don’t need much space, and if you’re feeling confident, you could get your housemates together for a dance/workout at the same time. Brill. 


For the... insta addict 

Women’s Health live sessions

Women’s Health magazine are offering Instagram Live workouts every day, twice a day, from various trainers. The sessions are 15-40 minutes long and they focus on full body training, legs and core, HIIT, and arms. You can plan ahead, deciding what you want to try and when, by following their feed for access to all their schedules for the week. One thing is guaranteed - you’re going to be very sweaty. 


Do you have any recommendations? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!