‘Join my team and support refugees’

Anusheh Yunus is a final year Anthropology student and the Goldsmiths Head Rep for SolidariTee, the largest student-run charity in the refugee crisis. And she needs your support…



‘Last year, just under 115,000 asylum seekers arrived in Europe by sea… and 2,262 died. These people left their homes in hope of a safer and more peaceful future elsewhere, and found something completely different. Often, legal aid can be the difference between life and death. It can help with anything from family reunification claims, to preparing clients for their asylum interview, to appealing a rejection which may lead to deportation.

With 25.9 million refugees in the world, it’s hard to fathom the scale of this crisis.

That’s precisely why I decided to get involved with SolidariTee, the largest entirely student-run charity in the refugee crisis. I’m the Goldsmiths Head Rep and I raise crucial money for refugee aid organisations such as NGO Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid. The role provides a really simple way to contribute towards long-term solutions to the refugee crisis.

A big part of my position is to sell 20 t-shirts (which cost a tenner each!) over the academic year, and to engage with social fundraising events. In the past we've had dance nights and fashion shows, and we're looking towards holding a film screening at Goldsmiths soon!

Each year we have new designs for the t-shirts. Last year the designs were created by Dar Al Naim, a prolific and impulsive young Sudanese artist. The work she creates demonstrates a dynamic look into her nomadic, afropolitan and diasporic way of life. Our shirts this year are based around the three reasons which made the calligrapher, Wahid Taraky, leave his home. These three reasons are hope, safety, and peace (highlighted in the pic of the three girls in the light pink, blue and purple).

As an entirely student-run charity, none of us are paid, and we're used to finding creative solutions - we hand-deliver most of our shirts, and recycle packaging whenever possible. Importantly, all of our tees are produced ethically and sustainably and 80% of every t-shirt sale goes directly to our NGOs working to provide legal assistance to refugees during the asylum process. We also limit the cost of administration and overheads to just 0.1% of each t-shirt to be able to focus as much money on legal aid as possible.

And we're now looking for more SolidariTee reps at Goldsmiths to join our team! If you’d like to support refugees too, just complete the (very) short online application form here. For more info, please send me an email ayunu001@gold.ac.uk and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can!’

**If you want to buy a t-shirt, send Anusheh an email or contact her on Instagram: @anusheh.y