‘I’ve become a voice for the students’

Rachel, a Programme Rep for Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies (STaCS), says she’s enjoyed helping others most…

‘The rep role is so important because it ensures that student voices are heard within the university.

So, what does it involve? Well I spend a lot of my time arranging meetings with my peers and tutors to discuss issues. I then feed this information back through the termly student and staff forum - a formal meeting where issues raised are followed up by staff with actions. A range of staff attend the meeting chaired by the head of the department.

As a rep it’s so important we attend the forum so we can ensure that student voices are raised and recorded actions can be set to improve student experiences.

Over the academic year I’ve learnt how issues affect students as individuals and as part of the collective group within the MA Art psychotherapy course, as well as learning about shared issues across STACS courses and the university.

As a rep, I’ve continued to support students to resolve problems they’ve faced, maintaining good communication between students and staff. I’ve gained confidence in my ability to talk professionally with my tutors and senior management, maintaining the confidentiality of my peers and being able to voice student needs.

I’ve developed ways of thinking about issues raised; how this affects student learning and the steps staff could take to resolve them. I would totally recommend this position to anyone who wishes to gain communication skills and experience working with different professionals.’

Interested in representing your peers next year? Recruitment is now open for the positions of Department Rep or Accessibility and Inclusion Rep for the 2019/20 academic year. Have a read here - http://bit.ly/2LUFfp0 - for all the information you need to know and how you can apply!