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Introduction to the SU Advice Service

We know that sometimes student life can be hard, and you might need a little extra support, so we provide a confidential, non-judgemental and free advice service for all Goldsmiths students. Our Advice Team offers in-person, telephone or video conferencing appointments where they can advise you on your options, explain your rights, and support you through your case.

What kind of academic issues can they help you with?
- Academic misconduct allegations
- Non-academic misconduct allegations
- Appeals against results
- Complaints about University services

The impact of the SU Advice Service is wide-reaching; some examples from the past year include:

  • 120 cases involving appeals, 93 cases involving complaints, 27 cases supporting students with racism, 21 cases supporting students with sexual harassment, misconduct, abuse or domestic violence
  • £158,409 financial compensation awarded
  • They have also held a number of Zoom presentations about completing stage 3 industrial action forms and have produced online advice about Covid-19 complaints

We have made a list on which specifies what other institutions (outside and inside the university) would be best suited to provide advice that goes outside our expertise. If you want to talk to someone about your issues, and are not sure what step to take next, please use our live chat system to speak to our Welcome Desk Operator, who works closely with the Advice Team and can signpost you to the right organisation.

Find out more about the service and get in touch with the team at