Introducing our SU President...

'Welcome one and all to this place we call Goldsmiths. I’m Joe Leam, The SU President. If you're new, I hope you have a wild and wonderful beginning to your university life. 

The SU is a student-led organisation - whatever you want us to do, we will do it; democracy in action! All the money we make goes back into our services - and we have a range of activities for everybody to get involved in... from a venue space with brilliant nightlife, to community events where you can join others with a similar identity to you, to sports teams to engage in a bit of fun. There's something for everyone! We want to have the best university possible for our students - but all this is led by YOU.

As part of this democracy, we have elections to choose which students represent you to make decisions and change our Union for the better. Next week (23rd Sep), nominations open for our Part-Time Officer elections - a direct way to be a part of the SU, have your own budget and start campaigns. Everyone should consider running for a position - check out what you can run for here. 

Hope you see you around! Joe.'