‘I hope to make it to the finals’

Sheri Arewa, a second-year student studying Politics & International Relations, is competing in the Women’s High Jump & Long Jump at BUCS Nationals 2019…



Q. Hi Sheri, do you find it hard to fit in sport with studying?

A. I definitely need sport! It gets my endorphins going and puts me at such a high. If I have training at night, I get home and I’m still smiling. Even though athletics is an individual sport, it’s still social. I’ve competed in sports from a young age and have always loved athletics. It’s great.


Q. How much time do you dedicate to training?

A. For the past two weeks I’ve been doing heavy training where I go tough on weights but this week it’s more chilled because it’s technically a rest week. It’s about technique. I normally train at the track three to four times a week and go to the gym as well. Then I literally go home and sleep!


Q. Do you follow a special diet or just eat really well the week before an event?

A. Not necessarily, I just generally try to eat better. I try and stock up on as many vegetables as I can, but I do eat a lot of junk as well. Before a competition, like this week, I’ll be super healthy. I might eat carbs and pasta, but nothing too heavy. And the morning before I’ll have a big breakfast, so I can feel good going to the game.


Q. Do you have any pre-competition rituals to get you ready?

A. During the warm-up I like to focus by myself. It’s more of a ritual right before I jump where I sit by myself and do this little dance/balance thing so I know I’m ready for the high jump. Then I breathe out, relax my muscles and just compose myself. I do that for the long jump as well.


Q. Have you competed at BUCS before?

A. Yes, I took part in BUCS last year – but I wasn’t great! I competed in the same two sports, plus 60 metres. But I jumped really badly for the long jump and my 60 metres wasn’t great. I made the finals for high jump but then I was doing a practice run and I pulled something! I had to tell the official I couldn’t jump. It was awful. I want to go back and prove myself. I want to compete in the finals. It’s very frustrating because I know I could have done so well before. I just want a medal! This is what I train for, so it’s very important to me.


Q. How do you think you’ll do in the competition?

A. I would like to be in the top five. What’s nice is you have big universities like Brunel and Loughborough but as each team is only allowed two people it makes it a bit easier for small universities to get to that level. So, if I make it to the top level, I really hope I can make it to the final.


Q. And how will you celebrate if you win?

A. I’ll probably go and have a drink with my friends. We’ll all go for dinner as a team which will be nice.


Q. How do you feel about being a part of high-performance sport at Goldsmiths?

A. Goldsmiths isn’t really a big sporting university, which is why it’s so great to be part of something that has so much potential.