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How to stay safe at Pride 2021

June is Pride Month 2021 - and at the SU we’re so excited by all the amazing events that are happening in person and online in London and elsewhere in the UK. 

But we also know that some of you are justifiably concerned about attending a protest on this scale during a pandemic. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself safe and have an enjoyable Pride this year!


Make sure you find out about Pride 2021 restrictions

The date and time of London Trans+ Pride 2021 has been confirmed - it’s going ahead on Saturday 26th June from 2-6pm and the starting point is Wellington Arch in central London.

Usually Pride is free, but due to the pandemic the number of people who are allowed to attend might be capped. Official health and safety guidelines haven’t been confirmed yet, so keep your eye on the London Pride website for more information. You wouldn’t want to show up only to be turned away, so make sure you know the score before setting out.


Protect yourself against COVID-19

Although lockdown has been relaxed, Pride is still a high-risk event because of the large amount of people attending, so make sure you take appropriate PPE to keep yourself safe. Pack face masks, visors, anti-bacterial wipes and hand gels, gloves and anything you think is necessary.

For more general info about how to navigate big crowds safely, check out our blog on protesting during a pandemic.


Pack the essentials

Okay, we know this isn’t as major a concern as protecting yourself from the ’rona. But the weather has been absolutely miserable this whole May, and being freezing cold and wet is no fun for anyone, least of all when you’re trying to protest. 

Bring a bag with you and pack a waterproof and layers so that you can adjust if the temperature changes. By the same token, bring a hat, shades and sun tan lotion if it’s bright. And don’t forget to stay hydrated - bring along water and (obviously) snacks!

Above all, enjoy yourself - whether you belong to the community or are an ally, you’re championing LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and we stan you!